Erikousa Villas are located on the small but beautiful island of Erikousa, just a few miles away north of Corfu island.

How to get to Erikousa Villas:

There are 4 options on how to get to Erikousa Villas.

From Corfu Town (Corfu Port)
1. Get the ferry “Alexandros II” from Corfu port (Trip duration 2.5 hours)

From Sidari ( Small village North of Corfu town)
2. Get the boat called “Afroula” from Sidari port (Trip duration 1 hour)
3. Private boat taxi transfer arranged by Erikousa Villas

From Agios Stefanos (NW) ( Small village North west of Corfu town)
4. Get the boat called “Pigasos” from San Stefanos (NW) port (Trip duration 1 hour)